April 22, 2024

Student in custody after shooting classmate in the leg at Wilmer-Hutchins High School

A student is in custody after shooting another student in the leg inside a Wilmer-Hutchins High School classroom Friday morning, Dallas ISD Superintendent Dr. Stephanie Elizalde says.
According to district police, the shooting took place at the school located at 5520 Langdon Road, shortly after 10:30 a.m. They said the school was secured within minutes. Emergency medical services arrived at the school before 11 a.m. and transported the student to an area hospital.
  Elizalde confirmed the student was shot in a classroom and suffered an injury that is not believed to be life-threatening. She said the teacher acted quickly to prevent any further injuries by directing the armed student out of the classroom and away from the school.
“He was able to direct the student away from the campus so that he could take care of, first, the injured student, and secondly, to ensure that the alleged suspect did not enter into the rest of the school building. So, that’s why I know how much more was avoided because he was directed away from the school,” Elizalde said.
No other injuries
were reported.
“Thankfully our student is in the care of professionals and it is a non-life-threatening injury,” Elizalde said. “That should never be a normal statement that should come from a superintendent … I refuse to say we will normalize these behaviors. I refuse … this can never become acceptable.”

The identities and ages of both the suspect and victim have not been confirmed, but Dallas ISD Chief of Police Albert Martinez said he believed both students involved were at least 17 years old.
Officials have also not said what may have led to the shooting but said they were looking into the motive.
Dallas ISD police confirmed a handgun had been recovered.
Elizalde confirmed the school does have metal detectors but said there are vulnerabilities, including the number of entrances at the school, and that part of their investigation into the shooting is determining how the student got the gun into the building.

“So, that is obviously the question I have that I don’t have an answer for with regard to how did the gun get inside? We do have metal detectors, they were in use today. We know that there are vulnerabilities. There are so many entrances to schools, so that’s one of the areas that the chief will be working with the school to identify those vulnerabilities,” she said.
She said Martinez is also working on an after-action report.
“Our chief will lead an after-action study and report. Lessons learned so that we can share best practices with our other campuses, as well. Again, in an effort to stay proactive. We must use this tragedy to learn something and ensure that we don’t wait for something else to occur,” Elizalde said.

That’s something Sada Boyce wants to know.
“What comes next? Like, what are we going to do about this?” said Boyce, whose family member goes to Wilmer-Hutchins. “We could come up here and get our kids all day, you know, but how are we going to overcome, or how are we going to make the situation better? That is the next question.”
The superintendent said there would be security changes at the high school.
“This is absolutely unacceptable and unimaginable but it is happening across schools in America,” Elizalde said. “I know that everyone has many questions, I have those questions. I have those very same questions that you all are going to want to ask us that we are still working on.”

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